For Institutions

Adding investment and wealth management services has never been easier.

Across America, banks, credit unions and other financial intuitions are looking to increase and balance their sources of income. A growing trend among successful institutions is to add innovative investment and wealth management services – either by hiring an internal department or working with a partner.

For those wanting to work with a partner, Signature Financial Group has designed institutional-specific services. We provide training, marketing, and operational support you need to offer investment and wealth management services to your clients. Our partnership model provides an additional, consistent revenue-sharing stream for all assets managed.

Your clients are your
most important asset.

Looking at the numbers, it is easy to see why so many institutions are seeing the opportunity of incorporating financial advice into their service offering.

  • 89% of consumers said they will use other products available where they bank [J.D. Power]
  • 78% of consumers say they are interested in receiving financial advice or guidance where they bank [J.D. Power]

Beyond the numbers, incorporating investment and wealth management services helps institutions to develop better relationships with new and existing clients.

  • Existing clients have something new to share and can be a source of referrals
  • More of the clients total funds can now be under the umbrella of your relationship
  • Clients won’t have to go elsewhere for wealth management help, keeping their relationship exclusive to your institution
  • New clients have a reason to switch to your financial institution
Signature Financial Group provides help
to your advisors in these specific areas:

When you are ready to start offering investment and wealth management services to your clients, Signature Financial Group is ready to show you how we can help you every step of the way. Call us at 614-846-6000 or visit our Get Started page to connect with our team.